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Every GMB member has fundamental employment and human rights where they work. Where the GMB Union is recognised in your
workplace that means that the GMB can negotiate pay and conditions, ensure that your place of work is a safe and healthy environment and deal with discrimination in all its forms.

At the GMB we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively protect your rights at work and deliver a rounded trade union service to you and your family. Where our members have an issue we can fully represent them right up to and including legal proceedings which can be all
covered by the basic GMB membership fees.

The GMB is a campaigning Union aiming to ensure that our members’ rights are protected on a whole range of workplace issues
e.g., pensions, equal rights, health and safety.

GMB has produced a document highlighting your rights at work. This document can be downloaded in English and a variety of other languages by clicking here.


Contact us at Newcastle, Cumbria, Middlesbrough & Sunderland

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