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GMB is recognised by the NHS and provides some of the best representation and advice available regarding specific NHS issues and general employment issues.

GMB works hard for members on issues such as;

Agenda for Change

We have been helping our members with everything they need to know about the new NHS pay and grading system including reviews, regrading and other terms and conditions issues.  With years of experience within Public Services our expertise is outstanding in this area.

Equal Pay

GMB is a firm campaigner for equality for everyone and continues to work hard to ensure fair treatment and equal pay for GMB members in the NHS.  We have lodged many claims for our members and will continue the fight for equality.


As experts in the new NHS pensions scheme GMB helps members every week with pension issues to ensure their retirement is a happy one.

Nursing Staff Survey

Following the recent nursing staff survey members have requested to be able to access NHS journals, relevant nursing standards and other materials online.  Because of this feedback from members we have setup this page and the following links;

 Nursing and Midwifery Council


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