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The Role of the Political Department
A key role of the GMB Union Northern Region’s Political Department is to be the link between industrial and political campaigning issues on behalf of GMB members.

Some of the campaigns that Department has been involved in recently are Remploy, Defence contracting, Ship Repair, efforts to safeguard shipbuilding work in the region, the nuclear industry and public services.

The GMB Union is affiliated to the Labour Party and the Political Department is the Regional link into the Trade Union and Labour Party
Liaison Organisation (TULO), which is the body that brings the Labour Party together with the 16 Trade Unions who affiliate to the Labour Party. You can see which Trade Unions are affiliated by clicking here.

The Political Fund
The GMB Union has a political fund which is used to finance political campaigns on behalf of GMB members. It is important that trade union members have a voice and are able to lobby governments of all political parties.

The GMB not only represents members who work in the public sector, but all our members use public services such as the education, NHS and local authority services.

The political fund has been used to fund campaigns to maintain adequate public services for all and to ensure that this is not at the expense of the employees providing the services. The GMB is currently concerned over the following issues:

  • Pensions
  • Employment rights
  • Manufacturing
  • Foundation Hospitals
  • The rise of the BNP and other far right influences in local politics

We believe that it is important that GMB members have a voice putting both the case of the employees and the users of public services to government at national, regional and local level. Like many other trade unions we use our political fund for these purposes.

To enable the GMB to maintain a political fund the Government insists that we ballot all our members every 10 years to ensure that they wish us to have a political fund. The GMB members have seen the importance of the political fund to them and have recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of a political fund.

For more information or if you have any queries regarding the Political Department or the Political Fund please e-mail us

Contact us at Newcastle, Cumbria, Middlesbrough & Sunderland

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