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About GMB

The GMB is Britain’s General Union with over 600,000 members nationally across 9 GMB regions.

Here in the Northern Region we have around 70,000 members. As a general union, we have members in every sphere of employment. Whether you are professional, technical, craft, manual, administration etc and whether you work in the public, private, commercial,
manufacturing or industrial sectors, the GMB is the union for you.

For representation purposes, our membership is divided into three sections:-
  The Northern Region has four area teams;
  • Public Services
    (local government, NHS).
  • Commercial Services
    (private utilities, high street companies).
  • Manufacturing
    (factory products, engineering).

1 in every 32 workers is a member of the GMB and we are recognised in 34 of the top 50 UK companies – what can we do for you?

The GMB is the lead union for health and safety. The facts show that you are safer in a unionised workplace.

We employ expert professionals to negotiate with employers to improve pay and working conditions for our members. We provide individual representation to members in disciplinary and grievance hearings, to ensure their statutory rights are followed.

In addition to the expert advice and representation available to all GMB members, we also offer a wide range of legal services and additional benefits and services.

The GMB prides itself on being the lead union at the forefront of campaigning on behalf of members in key areas, such as pay, working
conditions, equality, and a variety of other equally important issues.

If you are already a member, thank you for your support.

If you wish to join it’s easy, you can join online or over the phone by calling FREEPHONE 0800 731 7017.


Contact us at Newcastle, Cumbria, Middlesbrough & Sunderland

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